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The 7 Best Wine Fridges in Australia

Wine bottles cooling in refrigerator

There are many things that can affect how wine tastes, and storage is one of them. There’s more to proper storage than just stuffing your bottles wherever it’s most convenient, which is why every wine connoisseur should always have a wine fridge at the ready.

Everyone knows that age makes all wine taste magnificent, but storage temperature also plays a crucial part in preserving flavour—so much so, in fact, that dedicated refrigerators were invented just to store bottles of wine. These specialised fridges create optimal storage conditions to keep your wine collection in top shape whenever you need them.

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The Globe-Trotting Malbec: History, Nuances, and Serving Tips

Malbec grapes

What is Malbec Wine?

Malbec wine is a great red wine for beginners and a favourite among red wine lovers. It comes from a dark and thick-skinned grape variety called Malbec, which is mainly grown in South America and France. This results in a generally deep reddish-purple and opaque drink with soft to medium tannin levels. It leaves a magenta-tinged rim.

Malbec wines can contain up to 15% alcohol, which is on par with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay—the most popular of the red and white wine varieties, respectively—as well as Merlot, another red wine made from blue-coloured grapes.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Nebbiolo Wine in 2022

Nebbiolo grape

If you’ve tried popular red wine varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz, and are looking to try something new, you may want to set your sights on Nebbiolo wines.

This Italian favourite is characterised by a lighter colour—but don’t let this fool you. The Nebbiolo has strong tannins and high acidity, giving you an intense yet complex flavours. These flavours only grow in complexity the longer the wine’s aged.

But what is Nebbiolo and why is it so well-loved, not just in Italy but in other parts of the world as well? What does it taste like? If you want to know more about Nebbiolo, read this comprehensive guide. It will walk you through everything you need to know about Nebbiolo wines.

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Should Red Wine be Chilled?

red wine grapes and bottles

Red wine is the perfect companion for special occasions. It is sipped at a leisurely pace that invites a growing sense of happiness and camaraderie among friends. Red wine relaxes inhibitions, fosters conversation and stimulates the mind and body with a warm and comforting glow. Speaking of temperature, did someone just say they prefer their red wine chilled? All eyes turn to the culprit as the convivial conversation quickly escalates into a debate, then a riot, as the sacred principle of warm red wine is foolishly challenged.

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Australian Wine Regions

wine plantation in Australia

The vast Australian continent is home to incredibly diverse climate zones that have resulted in surreal desert landscapes, tropical rainforests and snow capped mountains. Huge expanses of the country are also dedicated to agriculture and farming, which has been the backbone of the Australian economy since foundation of the nation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Wine

Vineyards with San Lorenzo mountain near La Rioja in Spain

As the world’s third largest wine producer, Spain is often eclipsed by France or Italy when it comes to winemaking. However, of all wine-producing nations, it has the widest area—nearly five million acres of land—for grape cultivation. Spanish winemakers also produce some of the world’s finest wines, rivalling their French and Italian counterparts.

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Choosing the Best Tasmanian Wines

Wine grapes growing in Tasmania

Pristine waters, clean fresh air, mild summer temperatures and long autumn days—these are the elements that create the perfect setting for growing the best varieties of grapes in Tasmania, Australia. The cool climate and fertile soil allow grapes to ripen slowly on vines, enabling them to retain their natural acidity while developing a rich variety of flavours that are best for wines. Placed in the hands of the best winemakers, these fine grapes are marvellously transformed into exquisite wines that are unparalleled in quality and taste.

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The Difference between Syrah and Shiraz

glass of shiraz wine

The names are similar. In fact, Syrah and Shiraz wines are made from the same variety of red grape. This leads many people to believe they are the same red wine with different names – called Syrah in France (and almost everywhere else) and Shiraz in Australia. However, as important as the grape is to wine production, it’s not the only thing that determines the taste. So what else is involved? Let’s backtrack a little and investigate Syrah and Shiraz.

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