Choosing the Best Tasmanian Wines

Wine grapes growing in Tasmania

Pristine waters, clean fresh air, mild summer temperatures and long autumn days—these are the elements that create the perfect setting for growing the best varieties of grapes in Tasmania, Australia. The cool climate and fertile soil allow grapes to ripen slowly on vines, enabling them to retain their natural acidity while developing a rich variety of flavours that are best for wines. Placed in the hands of the best winemakers, these fine grapes are marvellously transformed into exquisite wines that are unparalleled in quality and taste.

Thus, the popularity of Tasmanian wines all over the world comes as no surprise. In fact, Tasmania has an international reputation of being the foremost producer of the best cool climate wines, such as the Sauvignon Blanc. Many Tasmanian winemakers are awarded for the best sparkling wines and the best Chardonnay Pinot in the wine shows they join.

How Many Wineries Are There in Tasmania?

Nearly 200 wineries use grapes harvested from over a hundred vineyards that occupy around 2,000 hectares of fertile soil across Tasmania. These vineyards are spread throughout seven major wine growing regions: Tamar Valley, North East area, the East Coast, the North West, Derwent Valley, Coal River Valley and Huon Valley.

Unlike typical vineyards tilled on flat land, Tasmanian vineyards are often built on the slope of a hill or the curve of a valley. The location and elevation help produce high-quality grapes, and consequently, better-tasting wines. This is why wines from Tasmania are diverse and distinctive. To find the best Tasmanian wine, you may explore attending cellar door tours or wine shows where you can sample some of the best wines.

vines in a vineyard in the Tamar Valley region of Tasmania
Vineyard in the Tamar Valley region of Tasmania

Varieties of Wines in Tasmania

Located in the Southmost part of Australia, Tasmanian wineries produce a rich variety of the best cool climate wines in the world. These include wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Merlot. Almost half of the wines produced by the island state is Pinot Noir, while Chardonnay accounts for a quarter. Chardonnay Pinot Noir blends are also popular Tasmanian wines.

10 of The Best Wines in Tasmania

Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, a sommelier, or a frequent cellar door guest, selecting the best wines can be challenging. It’s tougher if you can’t even distinguish Pinot Noir from Pinot Gris, or Sauvignon Blanc from Cabernet Sauvignon. Sampling different products in wine shows or cellar door tours may help you discern one kind of wine from another, but the differences in wines are often very subtle. Wines crafted from the same region in Australia can even have seasonal variations. So, to make your choice easier, we have curated the best wines from the finest viticultural regions of Tasmania. Most of these wines would be available in a wine show or a cellar door near your area.

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2018 Shy Susan Riesling

Crafted by power couple Glenn James and Jo Marsh, the 2018 Shy Susan Riesling is a perfect blend of structure, fine acidity and floral aromatics. The husband-and-wife team handpicks and combines rich fruits from the Coal River Valley and delicate ones from the Huon Valley to create the best tasting Riesling wines. The Riesling grapes are lightly crushed, pressed and fermented using a unique blend of yeast strains. Afterwards, the wine is allowed to mature on yeast lees to develop deeper texture. The process results in crisp, aromatic Riesling wines with strong floral aromas.

This medium-bodied white Tasmanian wine is best paired with chicken, turkey, duck, pork, cured meat and other savoury dishes.

2018 Bay of Fires Eddystone Point Riesling Wine

Winemakers from the Bay of Fires meticulously select the best fruit from the Coal River and Derwent Valley to make dry, full-bodied Riesling wines. This fine Riesling gives off citrus notes, green apple aromas and crisp acidity. Its bouquet is mostly dominated by lime and lemon and has a slight trace of musk and earth. With their dry and slightly acidic palate, Eddystone Point Riesling wines are best paired with cured meat, appetisers and snacks. These wines also pair well with poultry, shellfish and pork.

Arras Brut Elite NV Wine

This delicious blend of Chardonnay Pinot Noir presents good body and fresh crisp acidity. Its distinct citrus notes, green apple aroma and freshly toasted nuts are punctuated by a slight hint of yeast. The perfect balance of flavours and depth of character give this Pinot Noir wine a long finish. Its creator, the highly awarded winemaker Ed Carr, uses only the best classic sparkling grape varieties from the best viticultural regions of Tasmania to develop clean and refreshing nonvintage Pinot Noir wines.

NV Jansz Tasmania Premium Cuvee Wine

When buying bubbly wines, look for the name ‘Jansz’. Jansz is the pioneer of premium sparkling Tasmania wines in Australia. Jansz Vineyard crafts deluxe Sparkling wines using traditional Champagne methods integrated with new world innovations.

The NV Jansz Premium Cuvee is a Tasmanian wine that boasts a mix of nearly equal parts of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. After primary fermentation, it is further fermented in the bottle and aged on yeast lees until a perfect balance is achieved. Its complex flavour is an intense mix of citrus, other fruits and nuts and has a slight touch of earthiness. You can enjoy a glass of this fruity Cuvee on its own as an aperitif or with hard mountain cheeses, such as Emmental and Comte. Its balance of sweetness and flavour also makes this medium-bodied wine the best match for fish, poultry and veal.

NV Anon Tasmanian Sparkling Cuvee Wine

Premium sparkling wines from the vineyards of Anon have Chardonnay Pinot Noir characters with citrus overtones and zesty bready nose. A subtle yeast complexity enhances its inviting bouquet of citrus, tree fruit and vegetal notes.

Chief Winemaker Glenn James sources the best fruit from Tamar Valley, East Coast, Coal River and Huon Valley to craft Sparkling Cuvee. These wines are bottle-fermented and matured on yeast lees to develop complex flavours. Bright fruity aromas, nutty and yeasty complexity, and delicate acidity give this wine the elegance and sophistication of nonvintage Champagne. A glass of this modern fizz can enhance the taste of veal, pork, deer, venison, poultry, salmon and tuna.

2018 Anon Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir from Anon is among the best wines in the country. Its robust spicy and savoury flavours frame its intense red fruit (reminiscent of cherries and strawberries) notes. A touch of oak and firmer tannins provides its medium body with structure. Medium-bodied Pinot Noir wines go perfectly well with grills and meaty stews. Their smooth and dry texture best complements deer, venison, beef, veal and poultry.

2015 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay

Perfectly balanced citrus notes, intense stone fruit, toasty vanilla oak, nutmeg and cinnamon spice, and a faint hazelnut note lend an exquisite complexity to this Tasmanian wine. With its deep and intense taste, it pairs best with roasts, rich fish and almost any dish with nutty or buttery sauces. When the bottle of wine is opened, a lovely bouquet of citrus and fruits permeates the air. Then, upon sipping this wine, a dense combination of oak, vanilla and toasty crust with a tinge of peach and honey melon develops in the mouth with finesse. Its fruity notes and crisp finish make the 2015 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay an easy drinking wine for summers in Australia and in equatorial regions.

2009 Arras Vintage Rose Wine

Ed Carr built the House of Arras with the vision of creating only the best world-class sparkling wines. His 2009 Arras Vintage Rose wine definitely does not disappoint. This elegant vintage wine is characterized by delectable aromas of fresh red berries with earthy notes from field mushroom, oyster and toast. Fine tanning and an acid backbone provide the foundation for its elegant structure and depth. It’s no surprise that this beautiful Tasmanian wine is among the top 100 wines of famous wine connoisseurs.

2017 Dalrymple Pinot Noir

The Dalrymple Pinot Noir is among the top 3% of all wines in the world. It is a blend of parcels from vineyards in the Coal River Valley, along Pipers River, and in Swansea and Ouse.

This smooth and dry wine has distinctive red fruit, oaky and earthy notes. Its aroma is filled with strawberries, red currant, and dark cherries and bears traces of pepper and oak. It’s a medium-length wine with slight acidity and a short finish. When you’re having beef, veal, deer, venison, or other meat for dinner, a glass of this well-balanced Tasmania wine can make your meal utterly amazing.

2018 Ninth Island Riesling Wine

The Ninth Island Riesling is blended from fruit sourced from the Tamar Valley. The pristine banks of Tamar provide an ideal environment that allows fruit to develop vibrant varietal flavours and aromas.

This Riesling has a lovely bouquet of lemon, mandarin, apple, stone fruit, and wildflowers and traces of mineral and musk. Its intense flavour of green apple, citrus and grapefruit create an interesting mouthfeel that’s almost effervescent. It’s a very dry Riesling wine that complements savoury dishes and cured meat.

Cheers to Choosing the Perfect Wines

Wines aren’t called the nectars of gods for nothing. Aside from enhancing the flavour of food and making social gatherings more enjoyable, it also brings a host of health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Purchase only the best wines made from the freshest fruits grown in fertile vineyards. These include the wines crafted in the rich regions of Tasmania.

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