7 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Whether you have a friend’s birthday or dinner with some workmates, wine lovers can all agree that a small gift is a courteous gesture. The Christmas holidays, Hanukkah, and the glorious New Year are almost upon us, so now is the best time to think about what kind of present you gift your hosts at holiday parties.

A large population enjoys wine and all its adjacent activities. However, pop culture makes it look like an expensive, elite hobby, and many fear the plunge in their pockets after gift-giving. There are many ways to honour the wine practices around you in a cost-effective, functional, and creative way. As much as any wine lover appreciates a good bottle, venture outside the standard and be creative with your presents this holiday. Read below for the most thoughtful wine gift out of your salary!

Seven Gifts to Try

While it can be easy to shop for the people you are close to, it is challenging for those we do not know so intimately, like our co-workers and employers. Especially if you are less knowledgeable, figuring out the best wine without blowing your salary can appear daunting.

From red to sparkling to rose, what do you get? And how do you know which one is a good brand, a good year, or if it goes well with the meal you’ll be having? The questions are endless. The good news is that wine is one of many presentable gifts to a wine lover. Wine accessories work universally with several types of wine, and many appreciate a classy housewarming gift that can tie their bottle collection together.

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1.  Electric Wine Stopper

The first one on our list of wine gifts is the EZONDEAL electric wine stopper. A wine stopper is a valuable tool to prevent wine from losing its flavour once it is opened, and it can keep your wine from going stale for months after the bottle has been opened. Some, like the EZONDEAL stopper, are electrical, making it easier to insert into the bottle and even read the content of the wine on a digital display.

Any sommelier can guarantee that wine aeration is a crucial practice in wine drinking. Leaving the bottle open for too long can damage the flavour because overexposure to oxygen distorts the wine’s personality. Thus, to prevent such from happening, an electric wine stopper seals the bottle after drinking, preventing oxygen from flowing into the bottle.

Other wine plugs allow you to taste your wine without opening the bottle as the gadget accesses the wine, pumping it into your glass without exposing it to oxygen. Other bottle stoppers have a more straightforward airtight rubber design, allowing you to re-cork the bottle and restrict airflow.

Check electric wine stoppers on Amazon.


  • Powered by batteries
  • Automatic vacuum seal
  • Keeps wine fresh for up to 7 days
  • Digital monitor which detects fall in pressure in the wine bottle


  • The battery indicator may be faulty
  • Few customer reviews

2. Cooling Cup

You can’t go wrong with a lovely set of elegant drinking glasses. Many wine lovers drink wine as a cultural practice, understanding that the glass enhances the unique tones of the wine. But not all of them look the same, and there are prominent contrasts to help you differentiate the vessels.

Some drinkers are not too fussy about their habits, but wine lovers can be particular about the kind of glass they drink from. Cooling cups like these are the right choice because they work on any occasion with various beverages. These cups are suitable for the passive wine drinker from red to white and even sparkling wines.

Check cooling cups on Amazon.


  • Freezer-friendly
  • Perfect for both red and white wine
  • Works as a wine chiller when frozen
  • Maintains the temperature of the wine
  • Light material with chic marble design


  • Only cools one drink
  • The glass is small

3.  Wine Aerator

Wine connoisseurs are familiar with the turbulent nature of wine. The bottle, the wood cork, and the age alter the taste as much as the grapes themselves. Aerating wine before drinking is one way to intentionally enhance the deeper distinct flavours. A functional device helps the beverage breathe, exposing the wine to air (specifically oxygen) to develop a richer taste and aroma.

Red wine benefits the most from aeration. However, white and sparkling wine could also be left to breathe, though it is not always necessary.

Many buyers mix up decanters and aerators, but though both devices may offer the same result, the two are slightly opposed. A decanter works on the wine for longer than a typical aerator, so it is fashioned for aged wines.

Check our reviews about the best wine aerators and decanters.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Speeds up regular aeration process for noticeably enhanced flavour
  • 750 ml capacity
  • Compact and space-saving


  • The tower set is quite messy
  • May be challenging to pour wine down the edge of the bowl

Check wine aerators on Amazon.

4.  Insulated Wine Carrier

Other gift ideas for wine lovers include wine carriers. These are like specialised cooler bags with cushioned pockets for your wine bottles. Many of them come with a multi-bottle capacity allowing you to carry six bottles. Wine carriers are great for outdoor activities like picnics, movies, concerts, or even short trips.

Some carriers come multifaceted with extra pocketing for your winery tools. And what we love most is their ability to keep the wine at the appropriate temperature for hours on end, so they are perfect for consumption when it is time to drink.

Check insulated wine carriers on Amazon.


  • Large capacity, which carries up to 6 bottles
  • Firm insulation to prevent heating
  • Padding for comfortable portability
  • Extra pockets for wine utensils
  • Removable bag partitions to increase space


  • Strong plastic smell
  • A bit expensive

5.  Wine Rack (wall mounted or free standing)

Delicious wine deserves to be consumed from the appropriate vessel. A wine glass holder comes in handy to help your mates protect their unique stemware. Wine glasses are delicate, so we often store them away from other household utensils. Scratches and cracks ruin the clean aesthetic of the glass. There are a variety of holder styles, some come as hanging racks, and others are suitable for countertops and cabinets.

The Rumford Wine Rack is an exquisite design that allows you to hang your winery utensils after use. It is durable, and light plastic complements any household colour scheme and design.

Check wall mounted and free standing wine racks on Amazon.


  • Additional space to store up to 5 wine bottles
  • It comes with installation hardware
  • No assembly necessary
  • Perfect for slender-stemmed glasses


  • Few customer reviews
  • Material feels a bit cheap

6.  Wine bottle Holder

Like wine holders, a bottle holder is a storage unit that protects the bottle against jostling and scratching. Bottle holders add an exclusive style to the home and come in varying shapes and sizes for pretty wine displays. Some are suspended from the walls as a stylistic choice, while others can be placed on dining tables.

Bottle holders cradle the bottle to keep it secure from jostling. Most of them are wooden or metallic, but you can also find some made from stone like marble, giving wine lovers aesthetic choices. Bottle holders are also relatively easy to make if you want to add a personal touch to the perfect gift. Alessi Noe Flaschenregal produces signature pieces that remarkably affect any space. Any wine lover will be happy to receive one.

Check wine bottle holders on Amazon.


  • Chic, minimalist design
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Lightweight material (2.56 pounds)
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be combined with more shelves for a larger capacity


  • Not great for small spaces

7.  Marble Wine Stand

Wine bottle coasters (also known as wine stands) are exceptional Christmas gifts for wine lovers. They come in a range of materials and shapes, giving you a comprehensive option for your selection. Wine bottle coasters are a common sight in a wine lover’s home because they amplify the house’s elegance and act as a protective measure for the bottle itself and its surface.

There are two types of wine bottle coasters: dining and design coasters. There is a marginal difference between the two, with design coasters being decorative pieces meant for aesthetic appeal. Dining coasters are often less expensive and protect surfaces from wet rings on a dining room table. Though not as intricately made as design coasters, they are more durable.

Wine bottle coasters also come in various colours and textures to give your bottle the best padding against scratching.

You can have your coasters personalised with images and inscriptions for an extra touch of character. Or, if your wine aficionado enjoys hosting cocktail parties or wine-tasting sessions, gift them with a set of professional coasters designed for such occasions. They are highly absorbent with non-slip backing, making them an asset when handling many drinks.

Check wine bottle stands on Amazon.


  • Stylish and simple
  • Easy to move and clean
  • Creates a captivating display


  • Wine drops may seep into the holder


1.   How do you pick a good wine glass for a wine lover?

Specific glasses go with a particular wine because the vessel brings out the wine’s tone and texture. So, if you are shopping for wine glasses, go by the type of wine you drink. The shape is a tell-tale sign of the kind of wine you drink from them, as red wine glasses carry a rounded bottom. For white wine, connoisseurs select a slightly thin glass that maintains the bowl shape.

2.   Is sparkling wine and white wine the same?

There is a difference between sparkling and white wine, though they may be light in colour. Sparkling wine (called ‘bubbly’) is a carbonated beverage made from black and white grapes, and some include the famous Champagne and Prosecco. White wine, on the other hand (such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc), while being made from the same grapes, does not contain the same amount of carbon dioxide, which creates bubbles in sparkling wine.

3.   Is Pinot Noir a good gift wine?

Pinot Noir can be a great present depending on the individual and their tastes. And for any wine director, wine pairings matter because they optimise the drinker’s experience. This red wine originates from France and pairs well with various dishes due to its high acidity and low tannin. Additionally, pinot noir adds a noticeable aroma to baked dishes, and Its versatility and acquired flavour make it a favourite among wine lovers.

4.   How do you give wine as a gift?

Many drinkers prefer to receive wine as a present, but there are creative ways to do it instead of presenting the ordinary bottle. An excellent way to do it is to give them a subscription to a winery, vineyard, or wine club that offers special edition wines each month. A second option is to take them to an exclusive wine-tasting session, allowing them to acquaint themselves with new wines.

5.   Is a corkscrew a good gift?

Wine lovers appreciate a good bottle opener that is durable and functional. As much as corked wine may adopt more decadent flavours, they can be trickier to open than their bottle-topped counterparts. A straightforward opener like the Peugeot 200510 Baltaz Dark Lever Corkscrew is one of the best gift ideas for wine lovers. Many form rust over time or lose functionality, making it harder to open those tight-corked wines.

What makes a worthy corkscrew is more than the ability of the tool to pierce a cork and pull it out—the ease of use and the long-lasting material. A rubber grip is the most common option because it prevents slippage and injury. For the avid wine drinker, it is a necessity!


In summary, there are plenty of ways to bring joy this holiday to a wine enthusiast outside the typical bottle. The season of giving is full of simple outside-the-box choices to get your friends, family, and co-workers. Try exploring unconventional options to add flair and extra character to your gift-giving. From small cute coasters to larger, more central pieces like bottle stands, there are many options to fill your Christmas basket before you go for your holiday dinner. Browse through this well-curated list of the best wine gifts for wine drinkers.

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