The 11 Best Wine Racks

Mofish Stackable Modular Bamboo Wine Rack

Storing your wine bottles properly is essential because it helps save your house space. For that reason, having the best wine racks in your house is a must-have, especially if you are a wine enthusiast. But what is a wine rack?

Well, a wine rack is an essential tool for wine enthusiasts that allows you to keep wine bottles properly. For that reason, numerous wine racks are available in the market with different features. Some of these wine racks for sale include wall-mounted wine racks, classic wine racks, and modular racks.

In addition, wine rack materials vary, ranging from metal, plastic, and wooden wine racks. But to help you discover more about these racks, we have compiled a list of the 11 best wine racks on the market that you can rely on. Moreover, we have listed several factors to consider when choosing your wine rack.

So, here’s our top product list.

1.  J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack

J.K Adams is our first pick in our list and has one of the fantastic features you may be looking for in a wine rack. For instance, this hardwood rack is made of driftwood or ashwood and has a teak oil finish making it more durable.

Additionally, the wine rack free standing is suitable for small areas because it can come apart; thus, you can install it in any shape that may suit your space. Besides, you can use any configuration to arrange J.K Adams pegs and slots, making it an ideal option for small closets or tight corners.

Lastly, this wine holder usually accommodates 12 wine bottles. However, you can buy multiple sets to double or triple the capacity.


  • Durable wood material
  • Lightweight material
  • Strong pegs and slots for easier grip
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit hard to install it, according to some customers
  • It falls apart after some months

2.  Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack

This beautiful and multifunctional black metal wine rack is designed to hold at least 32 bottles. On its top, the rack has a tempered glass plate that adds more space to keep wine glasses or other accessories. 

Besides, the Mango Steam wine rack is made of a sturdy and durable steel structure, and its whole structure is coated with black electrostatic spray paint. Moreover, the rack has no visible screws on its shells to make cleaning easier.

Apart from that, the Mango Steam wine rack also has the necessary hardware and takes a short time to install. Plus, it has a broader application and is suitable for small gatherings or special occasions.


  • Good for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent top shelf
  • Sturdy materials
  • Good size


  • Small slots limiting bottle storage
  • Confusing customer reviews

3.  PAG 23 Bottles Arched Freestanding Wine Rack

This elegant and straightforward free-standing wine rack can hold up to 23 bottles. Amazingly, the PAG wine rack has excellent features. For instance, it is made of high-quality metal pipes and strong wires to prevent wobbling or tilting. Besides, the wine rack is coated with a durable powder to prevent rusting and oxidation.

Additionally, the PAG wine racks’ large capacity maximises a lot of space and has a horizontal storage method. This storage method keeps the wine and the bubbles in contact with the cork and keeps the cork moist so that your wine can stay for a long time.

The PAG is also widely used and can match any kitchen, restaurant, or dining room use. Plus, it’s easy to clean the wine rack.


  • Elegant free-standing design
  • Multiple excellent reviews
  • It holds a large capacity of bottles
  • Saves space
  • Quality materials


  • Hard to align the holes when installing
  • Some bottles don’t sit well on the rack, according to some buyers

4.  Sorbus Wine Rack Stand Bordeaux

The Sorbus rack is the best choice if you are selling expensive wine in your bar or looking for a good wine rack to keep your bottles organised. This wine rack has decorative metal frames crafted of durable metal. Besides, the Sorbus wine rack is coated with black powder to prevent rusting.

Measuring 30 inches tall Sorbus wine rack can hold up to 30 bottles in total, with each bottle fitting well into the rack shelves. Moreover, the rack is sturdy enough to resist tilting and wobbling.

Luckily, the Sorbus wine rack can also perfectly hold soda and water bottles. Plus, it’s easier to clean and assemble.


  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful top shelf
  • Strong metal frames
  • Powder coating to prevent rust


  • Oversize bottles cannot fit
  • It doesn’t hold together nicely

5.  COSTWAY Wine Rack Bamboo 12 Bottles

The COSTWAY 12 bottles wine rack is another fantastic wine rack made of a study and durable bamboo wood. This bamboo wood is more robust than other woods because it has longer fibres and doesn’t crack easily or deform.

Apart from that, this fantastic rack helps to keep your wine fresh for a long time because its wave bars have a good curvature. This style also helps keep your bottles horizontal, allowing the cork to moisturise thoroughly and keep your wine fresh.

In addition, the COSTWAY rack’s unique design prevents it from toppling and has different slots at the front and behind to firmly fit any bottle.


  • Stylish horizontal design
  • Saves space
  • Eco-Sustainable and Durable Bamboo
  • Attractive colour
  • Wide application


  • Visible screw holes
  • Short bottles easily slide and fall down

6.  Wooden Mallet Wine Rack 16 Bottle Black

This wine rack is made of quality bamboo featuring light oak colour, making it ideal for any wine collection. Furthermore, the Wooden Mallet wine rack has a smooth surface with a rough edge and is lightweight. Plus, it has a strong frame and a loading capacity of 16 bottles, ensuring you store more wine bottles.

Nonetheless, the Wooden Mallet rack has slight angles that keep your corks wet. Also, this bottle wine rack has pre-drilled holes that make it easier for you to assemble. Besides, the bottle rack has a modular stacking style and a wavy opening design that helps to lock your bottle without shaking or tilting.


  • Smooth surface
  • Strong frames
  • Simple to assemble
  • Good lightweight size


  • Not stackable
  • Few reviews on the website

7.  DECOMIL – 72 Bottle Stackable Modular Wine Rack

DECOMIL Stackable Modular Wine Rack is made of premium bamboo wood with waves-shaped shelves making it perfect for new wine collectors and experienced connoisseurs. Also, this wine rack has an appealing look that matches well with your existing home decor.

Nevertheless, the DECOMIL Stackable Modular Wine Rack is ideal for flat surfaces, kitchens, or wine cellars. In addition, the wine rack is versatile, allowing you to save space by stacking the bottles vertically. In fact, it has a beautiful scallop shape; thus, you can store the bottles horizontally and prevent tilting.


  • Durable design
  • Stackable
  • Large capacity of 72 bottles
  • Versatile wine rack
  • Strong frames


  • A bit rocky
  • Not very stable compared to other racks

8.  Simple Trending 4-Tier Stackable Wine Rack

The Simple Trending wine rack is made of solid and durable premium metal and has a fully polished surface that makes the stored wine bottles safe. Additionally, the four-tier wine rack can perfectly hold up to 16 bottles, thus saving a lot of space in your house.

Even better, the Simple Trending wine rack comes with all the necessary hardware, tools, and instructions, making it easier for you to install. Besides, the rack coordinates well with your existing decor and can fit anywhere in your home.


  • Premium metal material
  • Easy installation
  • Simple to wash
  • Matches with your home decor


  • Unstable when packed with many bottles
  • It only fits small size bottles wine bottles

9.  DlandHome 32 Bottle Capacity Wine Rack

This gorgeous wall-mounted wine rack holds up to 32 bottles, thus allowing you to save a lot of space. Also, the DlandHome rack can be perfect for your home or bar area in matching your preferred decor.

In addition, the wine rack wall-mounted bottle holder has a wave design to prevent the wine bottles from falling. Moreover, the rack is easier to clean and install.


  • Stackable
  • Wave design
  • Smooth surface
  • Wall mounted
  • Large storage capacity
  • No tool to assemble


  • A bit pricier
  • A bit heavy compared to other racks

10. CellarStak 55/60 Bottle Wine Rack

CellarStak Wine rack is an attractive and durable rack made of quality metal. It has a large capacity and can hold up to 60 bottles. Thus, this rack is a good display for a home bar, restaurant, or kitchen, holding more wine bottles.

The incredible thing about the CellarStak Wine rack is that it holds the bottles horizontally, thus keeping the wine fresh until you are ready to drink. Besides, the rack is easier to assemble as it comes with a step-to-step instruction guide on how to assemble it.


  • Sturdy design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Save space
  • Premium materials
  • Holds more wine bottles


  • It doesn’t stand perfectly
  • Its holes don’t fit large bottles

11. Mofish Stackable Modular Bamboo Wine Rack

Our last pick on the list is the Mofish Stackable wine rack crafted of solid wood that makes it durable. Also, the wood material makes the rack wobble-free, ensuring that your wine bottles are safe.

Apart from that, the Mofish is a good wine rack for shelves because you can adjust the stackable shelf tiers if you wish to. Moreover, this rack has a wave bar design; thus, your bottles can fit perfectly.


  • Great wave bar design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable shelf tiers
  • Wobble-free
  • Attractive colour


  • Fewer reviews on the website
  • Not ideal for large bottles

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Wine Racks

Even though we have revealed the list of our best wine racks, you still need to know some factors to look for when buying your wine racks. This will help you purchase effective, durable and affordable wine racks.

So, here are the factors to consider.

●     Material

Material is the first thing to consider because you don’t want to buy something that will last only for a short time. Although this heavily relies on your preference, looking for racks with suitable materials is essential. Therefore, you can look for wood and metal wine racks as they are more durable.

●     Capacity

The capacity of your rack will depend on the number of bottles you want to store. So, if you’re going to keep more bottles, you can look for a rack with large spaces. On the other hand, if you want your rack to hold fewer bottles, you can look for one with few slots.

●     Weight

This will depend on where you decide to keep your wine bottle rack. For instance, if you keep the rack on top of something, you must buy a lightweight rack to prevent falling. Luckily, all the wine racks in this guide have good weight; thus, you can place them in almost all places.

●     Dimensions

Lastly, ensure that you measure the space in which you wish to keep your wine rack. After measuring, compare it with the rack’s dimensions you want to buy. Thus, consider changing your rack or finding another space if they don’t fit perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   How deep should my wine rack be?

The standard wine rack should be at least 12 inches deep to allow the neck of wine bottles to jut out a bit. This will make it easier for you to see your bottles on the rack.

2.   Where is the best place to keep my wine rack?

The most suitable place to store your wine rack is in your kitchen because this area is the warmest. However, if you wish to store your wine for an extended period, you can look for a temperature-controlled space like a wine cellar.

3.   Is it safe to keep my wine resting on its side while on the rack?

Yes, we can confirm placing a wine bottle on its side is the best way of storing wine bottles to avoid oxidation. Note that if you keep it upright, tiny amounts of air can creep through because the cork dries out faster, oxidising the wine.

4.   What is a wine rack?

Wine racks are specially designed shelves for storing bottles of wine in an orderly fashion.

Final Words

Indeed, wine racks help you to store wine bottles properly, saving a lot of space. However, due to the numerous different wine racks in the markets, it can become hard for you to find the best rack.

Luckily, this comprehensive guide lists some of the best and most affordable wine racks available in the market. Thus, it’s now upon you to consider your preferred rack’s material, dimension, weight, and capacity to decide on one that meets your expectations.

Happy shopping! Check wine racks on Amazon.

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